Friday, 23 December 2011

Time Management For Beginners

Its not easy to suddenly start making and following To-Do-Lists 'to the T'. Nor is it a piece of cake to get rid of your time wasting habits in a day or two. I know because I myself started out like this and trust me, it never works that way. Which is why I have come up with this post to help people start managing their time in a more comfortable manner.

Tip #1 - Review your day.
This is a simple but very effective trick. All you need to do is spend five minutes reviewing your day before you fall asleep. Rewind and play back your day in your mind. Right from the time you got out of bed in the morning to the time you got back in it - for eg. I got up at 8 am. Made breakfast , got ready and left for work at 9 am. Reached office at 9 :30 etc etc. Just recall what you did, one after the other. I do not care if you spent three hours on Twitter or two hours gossiping on the phone, what I care is that you should know exactly what you did in the day

How does it help you?
Recalling your day will help you realize exactly where you waste time, so come tomorrow, you will think twice before repeating the same mistake.

Tip # 2 - Do one single thing at the same time, everyday.
It could be anything - From getting up at 7 am everyday to having dinner at 9 pm or it could even be tidying up your room daily at 10:30 pm. But do it everyday! No excuses, no days-off. When I say every single day, I mean every goddamn day, no matter what important task comes up (unless of course its an emergency).

How does it help you?
It shall help you keep a routine, even if its just for a tiny part of your day. It will help you become more determined towards your cause.

Get started, then!

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