Tuesday, 20 September 2011

People Who Waste Your Time

You are not the only culprit for your poor Time Management. Often, other people can be the reason for your inefficiency.
There are two kinds of people who not only waste their own time but also yours.

"Hey, I'm your best buddy" Type
Those who forcibly engage you into boring and needless conversation and do not even allow you to excuse yourself and go.
These are the kinds of people who would generally come up to you and talk endlessly about themselves - either their problems or boast about themselves without caring whether you are interested or not.

Typically Heard saying: "Hi! You know what happened to me yesterday!!"

"Do me a favor" guy
This is the person who shall always say "get a photocopy of these documents on your way back from the lunch break, please" or "get me a coffee, shall you" or "can you finish this job for me? I have to leave urgently now.". This guy will always catch you to do his work.
Often its a sign of submissiveness/weakness on your own part and you invariably end up doing that guy's work. No matter how much you curse him behind his back, he always gets the better of you.

Typically Heard saying: "Man! You are a life-saver."

I will come up with a post on how to deal with such people soon.
Keep watching this space!

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