Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sing Until It Rains

Zomera was the King of a Somina, a small county in the heart of Asia in the 3rd century AD. Somina had not received any rainfall in a decade. No crop grew on their land and citizens were dying of starvation. All citizens came to their wise king Zomera and requested him to do something. Zomera had heard of a tribe, Usani, in central Africa which was famed for bringing rain by just singing to the Sky Gods.

So, Zomera decided to travel to Africa and learn their secret. After a long and difficult journey, King Zomera reached the Usani and asked them for their secret. The Chief of Usani said that their secret was that they "sing until it rains".

"Yes, I know you sing and it rains, but how do you do it?", asked Zomera.

The chief replied, "We keep singing until it rains. We do not give up until it rains and that is why we are famed that when we sing, it rains."

Disappointed, Zomera made his way back to Somina. On his way back, he thought about the secret of the Usani . The persistence of the Usanis' singing impressed him. He realized that if the Usani, a tribal group could persist till they reach their goal, then he too could persist till he brings rain to his land.

On reaching Somani, he proclaimed that he had learnt the Usani secret of bringing rain. He called his best engineers and decided to divert the course of the river that flowed a few hundred miles from Somania. He also encouraged every Somanian to plant trees all over the country. Though demoralised, hungry and thirsty, the Somanians still did as their King had asked. A year later, the first rain drop in a decade quenched the thirst of Somania's land!

Somania never experienced a famine after that.

The Somanians thanked their wise King Zomera and their country soon became famous for its beautiful vegetation. The citizens learnt about the fruits of perseverance.

There is a lesson for all of us in this story. "Life ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward." No success in life shall come easy. Ask any great man.  It took Edison 2000 failed experiments to invent the electric bulb. Abraham Lincoln had a nervous breakdown and lost eight elections before he was elected President. It took Messi thousands of hours' practice to become what he is today.

Are you ready to put in your hours? 
Perseverance shall pay you back one day manyfold!

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