Thursday, 12 January 2012

4 Reasons To Make A To Do List

Making a To-Do-List is often considered one of the most basic principles of Time Management. I am sure you must have also tried doing it a number of times, but probably gave up in a few days' time. Let me tell you why should you make and follow your To-Do-List. Perhaps these reasons shall motivate you to religiously start following a To Do.

Sense of Satisfaction and Achievement.
Do you remember that feeling you got when you managed to accomplish a particularly difficult goal you had set for yourself - when you did well in a difficult examination, or when you successfully completed a client's project, or when for the first time you exceeded the expectations of your peers and superiors? Remember that sense of exhilaration, contentment and jubilation?
Crossing out every item on your To Do at the end of the day gives one a similar feeling.
Now, you might ask how can one get the same feel of achievement by just doing 4-5 tasks in a day. Well, as you have already found out by your own experience, following a To Do is not as simple as just doing 4-5 tasks a day.
Regularly following a To Do makes you feel that you achieved something worthwhile during the day. And don't we all aspire to accomplish and achieve in live? Go get your daily dose of achievement through your To Do.

You Don't Have To Remember Things.
I always find myself being able to concentrate better on my work when my mind is untroubled by other issues. When you have made a To Do in the beginning of your day, you do not have to worry about forgetting any tasks. You need not ask yourself in the middle of the day - "Okay. Now what else did I have to do today?". Your To Do keeps track of your tasks and lets you concentrate on your tasks only. Thus your To Do is actually reducing your burden by ensuring that you do not forgot anything.

Keeps Your Life On Track.
A To Do does not only mean a daily To Do List. We have other To Do Lists like the Weekly To Do and the Monthly To Do List. Once you make a Weekly or Monthly To Do, you always have the big picture in mind. You can plan your Daily To Do in such a way that ensures that you keep in line with your bigger plans. You can now be the pilot of your own life.
Let's take an example:
You have set a target this week to renovate your room.
Now your daily To Do List should look something like this.
Day 1 - Clean room and throw away all trash.
Day 3 - Paint your room with a new color.
Day 5 - Buy new posters, paintings or furniture for your room.
Day 7 - Enjoy your new room.
"Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves."

First Step Of Planning.
It looks simple; it sounds simple; but we all know it is not that simple. A To Do is one of the first steps to disciplining yourself. It lets you set out on your day with a planned approach and makes you work according to the plan.
Successful men are not just aware of their goals but also know what route to take to reach their goal. Your To Do is a road map that shall take you to your destination. Without a map you shall find it very difficult to reach your destination. Map your path to success with a To Do.

Hope you find more reason now to stick to your To Do for a longer period of time.


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