Saturday, 7 January 2012

9 Goals You Should Set In Life

People spend years looking for their aim in life. Often decades pass before man finds his reason to live. Make sure you find your reasons to live before its too late.

All successful people from all walks of life - sports, music, movies, politics, business - have had goals they fought and struggled for. To be successful, you must first find your goal.

Here I have listed down nine goals which every man should set for himself.

Career Goal
Set yourself clear career goals. What position do you wish to rise to in 5 years? How large do you want your company to become? How much annual turnover do you wish to see? Which projects do you want to specifically handle? What responsibilities you want to take up? Profits? Salary? etc. Answers to these questions shall help you set your career goals.

Family and Relationship
Do you want to get married? Do you want to start a family? When do wish to take your relationship to the next level? These are very important and delicate issues. You want to spend a good amount of time thinking about it before you decide upon family and relationship goals. Often we tend to not think too much about these issues and just let them go on the way they are, but its time to take control of these very important matters of your life.

Hobby and Art
Do you have any artistic interest you wish to pursue one day? Do you want to learn to play an instrument or learn a foreign language or even develop a new hobby like gardening or photography? Do you want to revive your childhood hobby?

Financial Assets Goal
Savings and investments are a very important part of a stable financial life. Set yourself a target of how much do you want to accumulate by the end of say, 10 years. Always wanted to invest in real estate or gold? Set yourself a detailed and specific target to build a comfortable financial reservoir you can fall back upon in case of emergencies.

How much more do you wish to learn through the formal education system? Plans of further studies or any other additional courses that you might wish to pursue fall under this category.

Something that you have been wanting to do for a long time - something that will make you chill out and have fun. Is it the childhood dream of visiting Disneyland which has not yet been fulfilled? Trip to Vegas or a stay at an exotic island with your partner? Could even be any particular sport/activity you have been dying to try out (deep sea diving and bungee jumping - personal favorite). Set yourself a timeline and plan in advance as unfortunately, these pleasures of life are often the hardest to come by.

Not being able to kick the butt after years of futile attempts? Set yourself a time-bound goal. Is it the childhood habit of biting nails or picking your nose that you wish to get rid of? Set goals to remove these attributes which decay and spoil your personality. Or do you want to inculcate good habits like getting up early or reading novels - set yourself goals for the same.

Attitude and Mindset
Is there something you want to change about your mindset? Change a part of you that you despise - could be your introvert nature, or the impulse to jump to conclusions, or something to do with improving your self-confidence. These soft goals are sometimes far more important and critical than the hard goals of professional success and wealth.

Goals of Others
Sometimes the goals of another person become our own goals too. A father may wish to fulfill his son's dream of studying in a good university. A husband may wish to fulfill his wife's wish of once acting in  a theater. A son may want to fulfill his old father's wish of visiting his long-forgotten homeland. Sometimes, the goals of our loved ones become our own - do not forget to take this into account when you sit down to set your life goals.

So sit down, write down your goals and start working towards them...

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  1. A well written list of goals that anyone should aspire to. My only concern is when life throws a curve ball and you don't have any hands to catch it. What a dreadful that can be.