Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Benefits of Time Management

Type Time Management on Google and Google will flip out a zillion websites for you. But why are there tons of people taking numerous courses on Time Management? Why do people spend so much time and money to learn how to manage their time? Why is it that everyone, from our teachers to our parents to our mentors, are all stressing so much on 'utilizing time properly'? Why is there this huge fervor about Time Management?
Well here is your answer:


1. You Are Happy!
When you know you have got things under your control, you are content. The sense of satisfaction you get from being on top of a situation, makes you happy, makes you confident.

2. You Have Time To Do Things You Want To Do
Be it the latest hobby that you have picked up, or reviving your teenage hobby, now you can finally do what you really wanted to do. You have more time to spend with your family and more time to carefully nurture strained relationships with your spouse/ parent/ child.

3. Your Productivity Increases

Now, you no more have the deadline swinging over your head like a sword. You need not rush to complete your work at the last minute. As a result, your work quality improves and you can be more Successful!

4. You Will Not Shirk From Greater Responsibilities
You will not dread additional responsibilities. In fact, you are confident of taking on additional work. Gone are the days when upcoming projects gave you sleepless nights.

5. You can sleep peacefully.
Most importantly, once you learn Time Management, you will experience serenity, something no amount of money can buy you. And who knows, perhaps you may even start a blog on Time Management like me.

So choose what you want your life to be:

Do you want to get up each morning, go for a morning walk and some yoga, have breakfast with your entire family, spend a cheerful day in your office, buy a present for your spouse on your way back home, hear about everyone's day at dinner, spend some time pursuing a hobby and then sleep soundly


Do you want to get up grumpy and tired from bed, skip your breakfast, yet be late for work, be in an irritated and tense mood in office, get back home late, half eat your dinner and fall off to sleep without even wishing anyone good night.
Well, the choice is yours to make. What I promise is NOT fantastical, it can be achieved with a little intent from your part.

Go on, give yourself a chance to change your life for the better.

Good Luck!

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