Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Self Test Your Time Management Skills

Know how well you manage time by truthfully answering these four simple questions.
Add up the marks (given in brackets after every option) for all you options and compare your Time Management Quotient (TMQ) with the benchmark given after the questions.

How often do you end up not sleeping before an exam / presentation and work all night in order to complete the deadline?

1.       Always, before each and every deadline to be met.(5)
2.       Often, almost 70% of the times.                           (15)
3.       Sometimes yes, around every 2 out of 5 times.     (25)
4.       Very rarely or never.                                            (40)

How often do you end up wishing you could postpone your deadline by just another couple of hours?
1.       Every single time!                                             (5)
2.       Most of the times, yes.                                     (20)
3.       On a few occasions.                                        (25)
4.       Hardly ever does the thought cross your mind.   (35)

How often are you able to complete the daily tasks that you set for yourself within that day?
1.       You always carry over one or more tasks to the next day.       (5)
2.       You do not carry over the tasks to the next day but you complete some of the tasks in a hurry, without giving it is as much attention as it deserves.  (20)
3.       You sometimes have to put off your tasks for the next day.    (25)
4.       You are always able to complete your daily list of tasks         (40)

Are you present on time for meetings, appointments?
1.       No, you are always running late and often lie when asked, “Where are you?” Other people always tend to lie and tell you that the time for the meeting is 15 or 30 minutes earlier than it actually is.                                                         (5)
2.       You are often late and traffic jam is one of your favorite excuses.(15)
3.       You are very few times delayed by reasons within your control.  (25)
4.       You are the most punctual in your friend circle and end up stating to your friends that the movie show beings half an hour before it actually does.        (35)

If your Time Management Quotient is:

Less than 50 – poor; you need to really get organized, else success shall remain like the bus you run after to catch every day, but invariably miss.
Between 50 and 105 – average; could definitely use help regarding time management skills.
105 plus –good; very organized and discipline, you already follow half of the methods recommended on this blog. 

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