Tuesday, 20 December 2011

How Taking Pictures Improves Productivity

They say 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. But is a picture worth a thousand seconds of your time too? Let us see how taking pictures can save your time and improve productivity. Today, almost everyone uses camera-equipped cell-phones, so clicking pictures as and when we want to is not a hassle.

Instead of Jotting Down Notes
At a meeting when something is being discussed on the whiteboard, people tend to juggle their concentration between hearing what is being said and jotting down points in their notebook. Thus they end up paying incomplete attention to what is being said which harms their chances of displaying their true potential to the seniors. It might be a better option to actively listen to and participate in the discussion rather than writing. After the meeting is over, click a couple of pictures of the whiteboard for your own retention.

Names and Faces
For someone like me who is really bad at recollecting faces and names, photographing people is a great way to remember them. Just ask them to pose, click their pic and save yourself the embarrassment of trying to remember the other person's name when he suddenly struts across to greet you.

Instead of remembering certain intricate details (say, a contact detail, railway registration number or a flowchart etc) it is better to click a photograph. We anyway remember a lot more by seeing than we do by reading or writing.

To-Do List
Instead of carrying your To-Do List on scraps of paper, it may be a better idea to write it down somewhere and then photograph it. You may lose bits of paper but not your phone.

Let loose the shutterbug in you! It might even make you artistic ;-)

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