Saturday, 17 December 2011

Four Ways To Improve Your Online Productivity

Often when I sit down to write or design my blog, I find myself aimlessly wasting my time on Facebook and YouTube instead of actually working. There was a point in time when I had gotten so hooked onto these websites that I would end up spending hours on it at a stretch.
If something similar happens with you and you find yourself browsing unnecessary websites when you ought to be working, then read on...

Some really basic but very effective ways to keep your focus on work while you are online:

1) Block "time-waster" websites
I am talking about Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the like. Whichever website you waste most of your time on, simply block it. There are some basic tricks that can block websites, depending on your web browser. You can read more about these methods here. Once your work is done, unblock them.

2) Time yourself
Before you sit down to work on your computer, give yourself a time limit. If you are working on a large project, break it into smaller tasks and set deadlines for these smaller tasks. It helps keep your focus and discourages idle time wasting. Download an app that lets you set a countdown timer and use it every time you sit down to work online.

3) Set alarms
Similarly, you could also set alarms at short intervals so that you do not involuntarily lose yourself in the fascinatingly addictive and alluring world of online browsing.

4) Make time for "time-waster" websites
When the mind is not relaxed, there is a greater tendency to let loose and chat, browse and watch videos. Social networking is not a curse. However, it should be used sparingly. So allow yourself time after work to indulge in these pleasures and thereby help keep your mind more at peace :-)

If none of these work, stick a big picture of your boss right next to your screen. That will surely work wonders.

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