Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Things To Do Before 2012

17 days to go before 2011 ends.
In 18 days we shall set foot in 2012.
But are you ready for it?

Here are some things that you need to do before we get into 2012.

Recap 2011
Revisit your resolutions for 2011. Revisit your goals, your aims for the year. Then reflect on how the year has been - How much of what you planned did you actually achieve? What were the gains and losses for the year? What good and what bad did you do during the past year? Search yourself for these answers and note down these things on paper. 
WRITE IT DOWN. Because often we reflect about our life and have fleeting thoughts about what right we did and what we didn't, but we rarely take action. Writing down gives you a more complete picture of yourself and helps you take corrective action.

Finish pending work
If you actually did take the trouble to plan out the year 2011, you would most certainly have a list of tasks still to be completed. Get on to doing it. Do it before Christmas and before the festive mood kicks in. Start today. Start now! Some work might be required to be carried over to the next year. Plan it out in such a manner that you get over with it at the earliest in the new year.

Resolutions 2012  
Now if you are the kind of guy who starts each new year with a lot of resolutions(whether or not you follow them), then start making your resolutions. Do not wait for 1st of January to kick in. "He who plans to work from tomorrow, never finds his morrow".

Mapping 2012
This is critical! Take some time out and go to a place where you can be at peace. Make your goals for 2012. Refer to the past year and plan your new year in a way that you do not repeat the mistakes committed in the previous year. Make both short term and long term goals. And give these goals a deadline! A goal without deadline is nothing but wishful thinking. 

Organize yourself
Tidy your house. Throw away unwanted articles. De-clutter your home. Let there be enough space for the new, beautiful memories that you shall create in 2012. Hang an encouraging, motivational quotation or picture on your wall for the new year. It shall help you start off the new year with vigor and zeal.

Alright guys, get going! There is not much time left and you still have a lot to do :-)
Good Luck!

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