Sunday, 11 December 2011

When NOT to take a break

Do you feel that when you get down to work, you work for 15 minutes at a time but take breaks for half an hour? Perhaps you are taking more breaks and doing less work. So how do you understand when is the time to NOT take the break, but continue working.

Is this your attitude too?

When the work is repetitive and boring.
Sometimes we have no option but to do monotonous work. It becomes very difficult in such a situation to keep up the concentration and there is a tendency to keep taking regular breaks. But one needs to understand that taking extra breaks will not change the task at hand nor make it more interesting when we get back to it after the break. Thus, it is more sensible to take lesser breaks and concentrate on finishing the work quicker.

When you cannot afford one.
When the work pressure is too much and the time available is too little, you simply cannot afford to take a break. There is no time to relax. In such a situation, you gotta keep going on. Come to terms with the fact that some more work load will not really kill you. So put your chin up and get on with it.

After successfully completing a task.
Its a very common human tendency to rest on your laurels. Once you have finished a difficult task, you want to take a break ,irrespective whether you are tired or not. It is one of the ways a man celebrates - by taking a break. However, sometimes when you are on a high ( and I don't mean alcohol), it is the best time to get on with your toughest tasks, something you have been postponing for a long time.

Rest is important. Even God rested on the 7th day after creating the world. But ensure that you do not inculcate the habit of resting before you are tired!

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