Monday, 26 December 2011

25 Ways To Waste Time

I have listed down 25 ways through which we go around wasting our time. There are many more. 
1.     Thinking of "If" Situations - We often waste time wondering,"If only I had got that promotion", "If only I had made the right investment that time" etc. Reality has no place for "If only"s and "What if"s; the earlier you understand this, the better. 
2.     Browsing Social Networking Sites/YouTube etc.
3.     Sleeping - a normal man can live with 6 hours of sleep. But, often we find it impossible to get out of our cozy, warm bed.
4.     Going ahead without prior planning. You are bound to hit unexpected roadblocks and will have to start again from scratch.
5.     Watching Inspirational Movies/ Videos and feeling motivated for a day but going back to being your normal lazy self the next day.
6.     Trying to save money - for eg. taking the bus, while hiring a cab would have saved a lot of time (though, sometimes we have no option).
7.     PlayStation/ X Box/ Computer Games - I don't know many who have become rich or successful by playing Counter Strike and FIFA.
8.     Checking your email 10 times a day. Its becomes a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) for some people.
9.     Thinking about decisionsShould I? Shouldn't I? After a period of time we just keep repeating the same thoughts in our mind without adding any value to the thought process.
10. Thinking about past conversations/arguments - what you should have said/done instead of what you did. WAKE UP! Its over! You can't change what you have already said now. Move on.
11. Choosing what dress to wear and getting ready - ladies, you are the famous culprits here.
12. Working without giving in your best - to know more about the same, click here.
13. Watching Television Series and Movies.
14. Bitching - it might make you feel a little better, but it only ruins your reputation and serves no real purpose.
15. Browsing unnecessary websites while searching/researching for something else.
16. Adult websites.
17. Forcing yourself to fall asleep - specially when you are nervous, anxious or excited. Sometimes its better to realize that sleep ain't gonna come to you anytime soon.
18. Getting up late and therefore being forced to commute during rush hours. A twenty minute journey might take one and a half hours.
19. Chatting through SMS while working - you do not pay complete attention to your task and end up not doing it properly.
20. Watching Television - the Idiot Box has become a master instead of slave.
21. Window shopping.
22. Not sleeping properly at night and having a sluggish and drowsy day - makes your day totally unproductive.
23. Watching repeats telecast/ highlights of matches/soaps/serials already seen.
24. Being dishonest to self - telling yourself that you will do it tomorrow, but not doing it.
25. Envying others - you can't control what happens in someone else's life. You can just take care of your own.

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