Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Different Types of Time Managers

Well, there are different people in the world and they manage their time differently. Some are very efficient, some aren't. I have tried to categorize them in 6 Different Personality Types. See which one is you.

The "I have almost reached" Guy
One of the most common and irritating types of Time Manager seen today. He is the kind who is always told by his peers that the meeting starts half an hour before it actually does. People are surprised when this guy turns up on time.

Typically Seen: Running to the bus-stand with breakfast in his hand.

The Phileas Fogg.
Much like the character from Jules Verne's 'Around The World In Eighty Days', these are the kinds normally found only in fiction books or movies. The eccentrically punctual guy is hard to find today. However, we see shades of this person sometimes in a few people in our surroundings.

Typically Seen: Well, never ever seen out of place.

The Tubelight guy
This is the kind of guy who works like a tubelight. Just like a tubelight flickers for a few seconds before burning with full force, similarly this guy is a lazy, late starter. He has a tendency to procrastinate and does not work until the deadline is right on to him.

Typically Heard saying, "I will start from tomorrow."

The "Always Early" guy
This is the kind of guy who is always waiting for his friends outside the movie hall. He can always be counted on to be present at the right time. He was the guy in school with the highest attendance and lowest late-comer remarks. He would rather wait than make others wait.

Typically Heard saying, "I have reached. Where are you?"

The Whims and Fancy guy
He is the unpredictable kind of guy. He moves as per his fancy. A moody fellow, sometimes he will be bang on time while at other times, he wont even bother informing you that he will be late. A difficult guy to handle, he is unpredictable and moody in other aspects of his life too.

Typically Seen: Strolling in the park when he is supposed to be present at a meeting.

The Gadget Freak
He is the one who sets all kinds of notes, reminders and alarms on his watch, phone, laptop, I-Pad etc. He is a technology freak. Knows all about the latest gizmos on the block.

Typically Seen: Frantically browsing the Internet after hearing the news of the launch of a new high-tech phone.

So, what kind are you?

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