Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Right Approach To Time Management

Sometimes, even more important than the Techniques and Tips I share with you on this blog, is the correct approach to Time Management. The right attitude towards Time Management is half your time managed already.

By the time we are eighteen years old, we hear "No, you cant" 18,500 times and "Yes, you can" around 2,000 times. No doubt, we have the tendency to give up at the sight of the very first obstacle!

Before you start on any Time Management program, whether its a professional course that you are paying for, or as a result of a burning desire from within, the first step is to motivate yourself.
So, how can you do that?

Remind yourself why are you doing it.
If you have decided to improve your time management skills, it is quite obvious that you are presently not quite good at it. Tell yourself of all the benefits you stand to gain by religiously following the routine - you have a lot more free time, you do your tasks better, you earn respect, you win admiration from your colleagues and peers, you get more work done in lesser time,. There might be many other reasons for you wanting to start managing your time better. Remind yourself of those goals, whenever you are finding it difficult to resist temptations that make you want to ignore your schedules.
Even better, write out your goals and stick it up on your work-desk, or make it the wallpaper of your laptop or cell phone, so that unconsciously the visual image of your goal is floating always in your mind.

Take inspiration from others.
There might be others around you who are very efficient at managing time. Be inspired by them, even if you do not particularly like them. Notice these good qualities and try to imbibe them. Look at their success and remind yourself that you too can replicate it and even go one up by being more disciplined. Such people might be folks around you or even celebrities you admire.

Appreciate your progress.
Its no use following a proper schedule for a couple of weeks and then going back to your old habits.
Monitor your progress and let it your motivation. Be your own inspiration. If you spent even one hour less on Facebook this week, take heart from it and try to make it two or even four this week. Every time you look back and see your progress, you will be able to take heart that if having done well so far, you can get even better in the near future.

There is no greater insult to God's creation than a pessimist.
Have the right mind set whenever you embark on a Time Management journey and you would have won half the battle already. :-)

Good Luck.

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