Saturday, 31 December 2011

4 Time Management Myths Busted

Time Management is an often misunderstood concept. People form their own prejudices about it without knowing the facts. Here is an attempt to set straight some common misconceptions. 

#1 You can manage time.
Time will keep flowing the way it has been for millennia – unstoppable and consistent. Only if you create a Time Machine (don’t we all wish we had one!) will you be able to manage time. You have to manage yourself, not time. Time Management actually means Self-management. Period.

#2 Sleeping less and spending lesser time on leisure is effective time management.
When you have work overload, you tend to cut down on your sleep and leisure time in order to finish your work. Though sometimes we have no other option but to do so, this is NOT time management. Time Management involves cutting down on idle and unproductive time; sleeping and refreshing yourself can by no stretch of imagination be called unproductive. In fact, one of the benefits of effective Time management is that you have a lot of free time to do things that you love to do. Spending sleepless nights is just a sign of poor Time Management.

#3 Routines and schedules are a must for Time Management.
Most people believe that Time Management means strictly following routines, schedules and appointments. Bull crap! You can be good at Time Management without these things as well.
A major portion of time management requires improving productivity, cutting down on unproductive activities and meeting deadlines. This can be done without following rigorous drills, routines and schedules.

#4 A busy man is good at Time Management.
A man who is constantly running around doing one thing after another may look busy but he probably sucks at Time Management. A man who appears busy, appears so because he is under stress and frantically going around trying to finish his work. A man who is good at Time Management generally does his work without being panic-stricken and does not give the impression of being terribly busy.

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